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Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal Posted: July 9, 2015

With modern advances in fibre technology, stain resistance is now built into the very fibres of many carpets. With the right care and maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your carpet looking new, extending its life for years to come.
clean Carpet Stain Removal Tips Oops! Whether it be wine, a little present from man's best friend, or finger-paint artwork from your 4-year-old, it seems that what's not supposed…

Underpad and Underlay
Underpad and Underlay Posted: April 14, 2015

The right kind of underpadding or underlayment can make your new floor sound better, feel warmer underfoot, and may even extend the life of your warranty.
Underlay It's what's underneath that counts What's underneath your floor goes a long way towards your overall satisfaction when walking on your freshly installed carpet, laminate…

Outdoor Area Rugs
Outdoor Area Rugs Posted: March 6, 2015

Brighten and cozy up your outdoor patio with a modern Area Rug. Here are a few tips to consider before you buy.
Outdoor add style with an area rug The visual benefits of putting a patio rug out on your deck speak for themselves. From comfort to colour, outdoor rugs can make a space more co…

Comfortable Kitchen Flooring
Comfortable Kitchen Flooring Posted: February 10, 2015

Kitchen flooring has traditionally been a little rough on the joints and feet, despite finding itself in one of the busiest rooms in the house. Discover some practical and cost-efficient ways to make your kitchen more comfortable!
Comfortable Kitchen Flooring Most families spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Despite being one of the most used rooms in the house, a kitchen's flooring doesn't always ge…

Utile Carpet Tiles For Your Home
Utile Carpet Tiles For Your Home Posted: October 17, 2014

This high quality indoor tile will enhance any room in your living or working space, providing a great level of resistance to wear and tear. You can personalize your layout by making a unique design to suit your tastes. Try combining different colors for …
The Benefits of Utile Carpet Tiles: At End Of The Roll, we’re full of products that make your floors look great! Meet Utile, a modular carpet tile that is revolutionizing the way…

Kid Friendly Flooring
Kid Friendly Flooring Posted: July 22, 2014

There are a few things to consider before purchasing flooring, and even more so if you want it to be kid friendly. Here are a list of options that might work best. But as long as your child is playing and your flooring holds up to all those toys - everyon…
A guide for parents: Kid-Friendly Flooring! In a room that gets as much activity as a child’s does, you need to choose flooring that will stand up to constant use and look great …

Is Carpet Bad For Allergies?
Is Carpet Bad For Allergies? Posted: July 7, 2014

People have been led to believe that carpet aggravates allergy symptoms, by harboring dust and pet dander in the fibres. However, studies around the world have come to a different conclusion: that carpet actually decreases harmful particles in the air by …
Is Carpet Actually Bad For Allergies? It is a common misconception that carpet can adversely impact allergy and asthma sufferers, when in fact the opposite is true. Not only does…

Flooring Product Comparison
Flooring Product Comparison Posted: April 29, 2014

Choosing between different types of flooring can be a hard decision to make. This flooring product comparison is designed to list the pro's and con's of the different types of flooring, including hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, area rugs and more.
End Of The Roll's Flooring Product Comparison Trying to choose the right type of flooring for your home can be a hard decision to make. This flooring product comparison is a chea…

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living Posted: March 18, 2014

If you have a patio or deck that you would like to make more comfortable (whether it's concrete or poolside tiles), installing outdoor carpeting over many surfaces is a viable option.
Outdoor carpet for your outdoor living space! It's that time of year when people start preparing their outdoor living areas for the warmer months. In late spring and early summ…

Bathrooms: Small Spaces, Big Impact
Bathrooms: Small Spaces, Big Impact Posted: February 25, 2014

In today's world of flooring options, you have more choices than ever if you're looking to renovate your bathroom. If you're not sure if you want to go the way of vinyl, but maybe have your heart set on hardwood, we have the breakdown for you here.
Bathrooms: Small Spaces, Big Impact What works well underfoot in the bathroom? The answer is just about anything! Picture your bathroom. Now, picture it again, but replace the fl…

Carpet Cleaning Test
Carpet Cleaning Test Posted: November 13, 2013

Our store in Richmond put the Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet to the ultimate test. For three weeks, customers were invited to make a giant mess. Do you think it cleaned up? Yes! And we have pictures to prove it.
The ultimate carpet cleaning test. October & November 2013 Our License To Spill Event is well under way and we are having lots of fun and success in our stores. Our location in R…

Win Carpet with License To Spill
Win Carpet with License To Spill Posted: November 4, 2013

End Of The Roll is giving away a room full of carpet! It's easy to enter on facebook for your chance to win. Plus, the more you participate, the better your chances. Find out why SmartStrand carpet is so stain-resistant! Our Canada-wide License To Spill e…
Win Carpet with License To Spill. Sorry, it's over! This Event took place from 7 October 2013 until 1 December 2013. Check out our Promotions page for our current event. The…

Why I Bought SmartStrand Carpet
Why I Bought SmartStrand Carpet Posted: October 9, 2013

An article from one of our customers. Read why she decided to purchase a SmartStrand carpet from End Of The Roll. She's done her research.
Why I bought SmartStrand carpet. This article was submitted by a member of the public, and edited slightly for publication by End Of The Roll. Please note that these are not the …

SmartStrand Carpet
SmartStrand Carpet Posted: September 27, 2013

Find out more about SmartStrand carpet made with environmentally-friendly DuPont Sorona. This Mohawk product provides the durability of high-performance fibres with stain resistance that is engineered right in, so it will never wear or wash off.
Mohawk's SmartStrand carpet. Mohawk has always been known for beautiful carpets in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures and construction. Mohawk's new technology makes a p…

Spot & Stain Removal
Spot & Stain Removal Posted: September 23, 2013

Get tips on how to remove spots and stains in your carpet and laminate floors. We offer a basic guideline on what to do if your floor gets a little too dirty!
Spot and stain removal. Stains and Soil: 
The majority of stain complaints are actually soil related. For example, many sugar-based spills, such as soft drinks and coffee, leave …

Carpet Floor Care
Carpet Floor Care Posted: September 4, 2013

Easy, proactive steps will keep your carpet looking good over time. Follow these simple tips to prolong the life of your favourite carpet.
Carpet care. Easy, proactive steps will keep your carpet looking good over time. Don't Track Dirt Inside 
Placing walk-off mats outside all entrances will help absorb soil and m…