You have a new puppy for your family to enjoy!

You also have new flooring. The combination of a new puppy and new floors is a mess waiting to happen.

To protect your new floors, you'll need some tricks to potty train your puppy while keeping your floors safe. Here are 4 puppy potty training tips to save your new flooring from your new furry friend.


One of the best potty training tips for puppies is prevention.

Never leave your new puppy unattended. Until they know that potty time happens outside and how to ask for it, they are a puddle waiting to happen inside. Any time you leave the room and the puppy is alone, put it in a dog crate. While the idea of a crate seems harsh to some, dogs love a space they feel is safe and secure.

Choose a crate that has a plastic or metal bottom to prevent leaks onto floors. Make sure the crate is large enough for the puppy to move around, but not so large that he looks lost.
As you potty train your new puppy, he'll love his crate and keep your floors clean.


When house-training your puppy, they'll need frequent potty breaks. Be proactive and set up a regular, frequent schedule to take your puppy outside for breaks before they have a chance to go inside.

This helps your puppy know that outside is for bathroom use. As your puppy begins understanding that concept, gradually extend the time between breaks a little longer. Before long, they'll go to the door and ask to be let out when they need to go. Or they'll make use of the doggie door on their own for potty time.


Your pup will learn best with positive reinforcement every time there is a successful outdoor bathroom event.

Each time your new puppy takes a trip outside and does its business, give lots of love. You can also give training treats as a reward. Be sure to praise immediately after a potty break. Your dog needs to connect the good behavior with the positive praise for best success at repeated good behavior.


No matter how much you plan for prevention, an accident might happen.

It's okay. All is not lost.

Be patient with your puppy. If you see an accident in the works, pause your puppy mid-stream and hurry them outside. When they complete the task outside in the "bathroom," praise them for a job well done.


Use good puppy potty training tips to save your new floors. Your pup means well. But it takes time to train proper bathroom behavior for any new pet.

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