Did you rock the Thanksgiving holiday like a boss?

That's great. You managed to impress your family with the newly remodeled floor, your kids looked great in their outfits (and didn't spill any gravy on them), and you saved the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers from Uncle Bob before he dove in for third and fourth helpings.


Continue your awesome streak through the next week by feeding your family Thanksgiving leftovers they will love.

Keep reading for 5 tips to recycle, nay, upcycle those precious Thanksgiving leftovers that will save you time and money.


First of all, I'm not sure you can actually call this a shepherd's pie if you are using turkey. Just so you know Sheppard's pie is made with lamb, thus the shepherd and cottage pie is made with beef. That being said this is a great way to use up Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and look like that master chef you hope to be.

Take this gold star shepherd's pie recipe from the domestic diva herself Martha Stewart.


The most common leftover Thanksgiving food is, of course, the turkey. You can turn that now boring turkey into a hearty meal that fills your belly and warms your soul. I'm talking about soup. Soup is a family favorite on cold fall nights.

This southwest turkey soup recipe with cumin, lemon, and avocado transforms your turkey leftovers so far from their original state that no one would suspect it was from Thanksgiving.


Stir-fry is a great way to use up any leftover Thanksgiving vegetables. Green beans, brussels sprouts, and carrots are great additions. Just throw them in with some onion and turkey, and voila. If you are feeling wild and crazy you could even choose to add a splash, or more, of leftover wine. If that's really a thing.

Check out this site for some great tips to create a stir-fry with your special blend of Thanksgiving leftovers.


This one is probably the most original Thanksgiving leftovers recipe I've come across. Who knew you could use up turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing to make something so uniquely awesome? Your family will think you are a master chef genius.

You can even drizzle a little warm gravy on your potato pancakes or add a side of cranberry sauce for a delicious day after Thanksgiving breakfast.


There is a restaurant in my area that has this great sandwich all year round. It's called the Thanksgiving Everyday sandwich.

Seriously, this sandwich is great. The sandwich is served hot with turkey, cranberry sauce, and a wonderful helping of brie.

Find the how to's on this recipe for some melted brie goodness of your own.


There you have it, 5 fabulous ways to recycle your Thanksgiving leftovers like a Master Chef. You really do rock, and your family will appreciate the effort to serve more than cold cuts and the same old sides from the holidays.