The Canadian Red Cross mission is to help vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada, and around the world. Emergencies and disasters occur across the world every day, and when they strike, they can negatively impact people in major ways. Most recently, Canada has been watching while many places in the country are affected by wildfires.

As one of the most active charity organizations in the country, the Canadian Red Cross is committed to responding to the needs of people in areas where humanitarian conditions have broken down.

From providing access to food and clean water, to providing shelter and clothing, the Canadian Red Cross programs give people assistance when they need it most. They also offer a range of services that enhance emergency preparedness, providing the necessary skills and knowledge to individuals in how to react to an emergency. Other programs also cover issues that are much closer to home, such as anti-bullying and violence prevention in Canadian neighborhoods.

If you want to be part of local initiatives, you may want to consider volunteering in your area. Explore opportunities to engage with the organization in impactful ways. Expressing your interest in humanitarian works is often the first step toward not only learning more about the operation of a non-profit, but also creating lasting social change that you can be proud to be included in.

To show your support, you can also choose to donate today, either online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office! End Of The Roll is proud to support the Canadian Red Cross this month in their efforts to raise funds for people in need.

Learn more about the Canadian Red Cross work by scrolling and clicking your way through some fun facts, figures, videos and stories that explain how our volunteers, donors and staff help people in Canada and around the world.