You've probably heard that cork is a new trend in flooring, but with more traditional options available, it may not be at the top of your list. However, there are some seriously persuasive reasons to consider putting cork floors in your home. Here are just a few of the main benefits.


More than just beautiful to look at, cork floors are super comfortable to walk on. Cork is made up of millions of microscopic cells that mimic the look of a honeycomb. With air pockets throughout its structure, cork floors offer a little bit of bounce, which is fantastic for your joints, especially in the areas where we spend a lot of time on our feet walking around. The inherent flexibility within cork is easy to visualize when you think of a cork wine stopper. At floor level, it offers a level of flex and softness that reduces heel strike impacts and related body tensions.

Environmentally sustainable.
Cork comes from the bark of a cork oak tree, which is a renewable resource. It is harvested by hand, leaving the tree undamaged and able to regrow a new bark. The cork oak forests grow in abundance throughout the Western Mediterranean and are home to hundreds of different species of wildlife. By leaving the trees intact, they continue to live and support the forest ecosystems.


Cork is an extremely efficient sound absorber because of its natural molecular structure. It helps cut down the level of noise within a room from walking, and acts as a buffer between upper and lower floors in the house. Cork is a natural thermal insulator and therefore provides energy efficiency and even some warmth underfoot. Interior designers even use cork on the walls to add additional insulation and warmth to a home!

Impact resistance.
When cork is compressed, it doesn't suffer much damage. It is highly shock absorbing and flexible, and recovers its initial shape and volume quickly. Cork flooring also has a top wear layer which ranges from general use to high performance, commercial quality. This makes cork a durable choice that is also easy to clean by sweeping or vacuuming.

A few other big advantages include:

-A huge selection of styles and designs are available, from wood-look, to marble tile, to traditional cork-grain options.
-Natural antimicrobial properties which repel mould and mildew.
-Hypoallergenic properties in that cork does not absorb dust.

With all of these benefits and more, cork floors continue to gain serious traction as a contender for flooring your home. We hope you'll ask one of our in-store Flooring Advisors to show you what's in stock and available, today!

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