End Of The Roll is proud to support Canadian athletes through CAN Fund, a not-for-profit organization that has been solely dedicated to enabling dreams and celebrating the performance of our own athletes for over a decade. The fund has been set up to help Canada's athletes prepare for international summer and winter Games. Monies donated to the Fund are put directly into the hands of Canadian elite athletes to support their training, coaching, nutrition, and living expenses in preparation for international competition.

"CAN Fund has been a huge support throughout my athletic career. It is a unique and powerful Fund that contributes more to athletic careers than any other organization I know." ~Rosie MacLennan, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist for Trampoline

With the 2014 Olympics being held in Sochi this month, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight our Canadian athlete's efforts and to remind our nation that support is needed years before the medals can be obtained. The amount of hard work and determination it takes to reach the top of their field does not end after the Olympics, it continues year-round. The dedication that it takes to be successful is absolute, and quite often the athletes who have the talent don't necessarily have the funds required to get to the top. The expense of working towards the Olympic gold medal can take a toll on not only these young adults, but their families as well.

"As athletes we often live hand to mouth and the support we receive is usually not edible. CAN Fund put money in my hand so I could put food in my mouth!" ~Jon Montgomery, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist for Skeleton

When you look at CAN Fund's website, you can see first hand the appreciation these rising stars have for all of the help and consideration they receive. It's clear that you don't have to be a large corporation donating heaps of money to make a difference. Big or small, they make the most of every dollar they receive, and they accept donations in kind as well. Whether you are a small business that is willing to donate your products or services, or a single patron wanting to encourage young sporting enthusiasts, whatever you have to give will be happily accepted. And to show their appreciation, these athletes give back to their local communities by participating in community events whenever they can, speaking at school functions, doing interviews, and going to many other fundraisers for various good causes across Canada. To read more inspiring stories on their website, click here.
"Receiving CAN Fund prior to the 2010 Games played a big part in why I became an Olympic Gold Medalist. The financial barriers that CAN Fund's support removed allowed me to focus on my sport for the months and years leading into 2010." ~Denny Morrison, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist for Speed Skating

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