With over 50 stores nationwide, the End Of The Roll family proudly spreads throughout the entire country. Each of our individual store owners have their own passions, drive, and love for their local community, and Rodney Mellquist in Saskatoon has no shortage of those!

Having lived by Blackstrap Lake for 17 years, he’s certainly grown his love for the community in and around Saskatoon.

“There’s no shortage of fun in Saskatoon, there’s always stuff going on!”

You can find him out and about working out at the YMCA, dining out with his family, and attending the Saskatoon Blades games.

But his community involvement doesn’t just stop at entertainment. He’s an active sponsor to multiple charities including Ducks Unlimited, the KCRA, the Saskatoon Comets Girls Hockey Team, and yearly gala events held at the Hospital in the University of Saskatoon.

“I love the city. I love the people. It’s always so beautiful, clean, and friendly here.”

Take a swing by 402 44th Street East and experience this passion and drive first hand through the service provided by Rodney and his End Of The Roll team. As Rodney says, the goal of his business is simple: “Give the best service you can!”.  Who knows, maybe you will even get a chance to see cutest flooring advisor in the industry!   

His name is Harley, and he is very friendly.  Have you seen anything cuter? Im-pawsible!