Did you know? One of every 7 Canadians report having a disability. Easter Seals is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, self-esteem and self-determination of Canadians living with disabilities. They begin by providing programs to support active living, and to encourage family and community support. 

They are Canada’s largest local provider of programs, services, and development for the disability community. Easter Seals provincial organizations offer programs and services at the local level that can absolutely transform the life of individuals impacted with a wide range of disabilities. More than 146,000 Canadians and their families annually access programs and services provided by Easter Seals organizations, the best known of which are the Easter Seals camp programs.

Services provided by Easter Seals include:

  1. Active living opportunities.  Designed for people with physical disabilities to lead healthier, happier, more active, and independent lives!
  2. Assistive devices programs. Helps provide applicants with a wide variety of equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, home safety equipment, communication devices for children, and various orthotic/orthopedic devices.
  3. Family & Community Support. Specifically helps those with physical disabilities improve their quality of life through access to supports and services in their community.
Easter Seals works to ensure that everyone with a disability has access to the equipment, services and recreational opportunities they need to enjoy a high quality of life.

"There's always a way to do everything. . . we just do it in our own way." ~Evan, Easter Seals program participant.

As for the camps specifically, every year thousands of children challenge themselves while having the time of their lives at 15 Easter Seals camps nationwide. With help from donors and sponsors, Easter Seals works to ensure that everyone with a disability can attend camp and has access to the equipment and services they need to make the most of their abilities.

Other services include year-round active living opportunities, as well as the provision of specialized mobility and access equipment such as mobility aids, assistive technology, adaptive computers, communication devices and wheelchair accessibility adaptations to homes and vehicles. Normally these assistive aids are cost prohibitive for most people & families.

For more information on Easter seals and their programs, or to make a donation, visit their website here.