The great thing about interior design is that it can take minimal effort to make a large difference. A simple piece of decor, a fresh shade of paint, or even a quick rearrangement can make any home feel more vibrant.

The most important element of a home interior is that it reflects the personality of its owner. Don't think that you have to spend a great deal of time and resources to accomplish this.

There are plenty of ways to create a unique space that won't break your bank. Here are 5 killer ways to create a modern look, if your home is in need of a little revamping


You can really expand the size of a room by using a lighter, more subtle shade of paint. Darker hues, such as reds and greys, tend to make a space feel cramped.

To "open up" a smaller room, you should opt for beige or cream colors. You can also align decorative mirrors across from windows to add more natural light.


Hardwood floors are aesthetically appealing, but, sometimes it's fun to spruce things up. Making use of an area rug can add an element of texture to a room that reflects your personality!

What's great about area rugs is that fact that they're so customizable. You can use multiple rugs in one room, use rugs with different textures and colours, even swap them out for different seasons!


Everyone should incorporate at least a few plants into their decor plans. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they're also healthy to have in the home.

Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is essential to our well-being. They also purify the air by ridding it of any lingering toxins.


It's such an easy change, but swapping out your old throw pillows can be truly transformative. What's great is you can mix and match them to fit the mood and vibe of your home.

If you're going for a more modern look, you should look for more vibrant colors. Artsy homeowners may also want to consider pillows with different hues and textures. When it comes to throw pillows, the sky is the limit!


We're always told to find one general statement piece and build our room around it. But, you can make a space more dynamic by adding more than one creative element.

Interior decor should reflect your personality. So, if that's vibrant and busy, don't be afraid to add some more eye-catchy components to your room.

The great part about interior design is that there aren't as many limitations as you may think. Small, personal elements can turn a boring room into a dream hang-out.

If your wall color is the face of a room, and your decor the make-up, that means your floor is the shoes. And we all know just how important a nice pair of shoes are!

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