Let’s admit it – things can get hectic during the holiday season.  It is so easy to get caught up in our daily lives as well as all the holiday festivities that we sometimes forget to prepare gifts for our loved ones in advance.   And preparing gift ideas aren’t the easiest thing in the world either. There are some friends and family that are super easy to gift for - maybe they love homemade gifts and you’re crafty enough to make them something original.  Or perhaps practical gifts like kitchenware are the way to go.  No matter who you are, we all have at least one friend or family member that is almost impossible to shop for. They have everything already. They see it, they want it, they buy it - so what do you do?

Chances are you have been mulling over idea after idea in your head for weeks. But you’re so muddled and distracted by everything else on the agenda that you just can’t come up with a suitable idea. This is probably a struggle you face every year and it never gets easier. Let’s start by forgetting all those ideas you’ve had previously. A fresh slate to form some new ideas on. This person is hard to buy for because everything they think of that they want they already have.

Hopeless right?

Wrong. The world is full of clever novelty items that fill this need. You just have to find something that they didn’t know they wanted. So here are some fun ideas broken down into interests that will help build the foundation of inspiration you need!

For those funny and social people…

Tabletop games are a great idea. Now before you start thinking Monopoly and Uno will tear friendships apart, think again. There are plenty of fun, new party and family games to leave your sides (or theirs) sore from laughter. Some family friendly options include…

  • Apples to Apples. A game where you compare one thing to another using cards to answer. Funny answers are a plenty!
  • Exploding Kittens. If you couldn’t tell from the title, this is quite the silly game. A fast paced game using cards. Just don’t explode!
  • Munchkin. An adventure game where you race to level up! Every card comes with fun illustrations and storytelling through clever quips.
What if you’re certain a board game is a no go? The well of ideas hasn’t dried up yet! Why not novelty items, maybe something that has some kind of practical use.

  • An ice ball maker, because cubes are overdone of course!
  • Smart LED light bulbs you can control with your phone. It’s easier than getting up to flip the switch.  Perfect for a lazy night (or day)!
  • Or maybe even a multitool phone case.  It can’t get any more practical than that.
This hard to buy for friend or family member could also be the kind that keeps to themselves, but you love them all the same. So what kind of gifts would someone like this want? Well there must be some kind of TV show, book series, movie, or video game they like. Encourage out their inner nerd and get them some merch!  Examples include:

  • Star Trek uniform hoodie. Cozy Starfleet attire for re-watching TNG.
  • Star Wars R2D2 USB portable charger. Your own wingman, but he doesn’t repair the car.
  • Harry Potter House Robe. Not like a school robe, but a bathrobe that’s a house robe.
  • Game of Thrones Jon Snow hoodie. Winter is coming, may as well be warm!
There are plenty of places online that you can find items like these. And every gift listed here is a real item you can buy. As unique and interesting as these gifts may be, they don’t mean any more or less than the mundane gift cards or even a pair of socks. It’s important to match the gift to the person. Even if you don’t hit the nail on the head, as long as you show that you put some thought into it, it should turn out alright.