End Of The Roll is proud to be a National Corporate Partner of The Sunshine Foundation, Dreams for Kids. They have been "Dream-Makers" to children who live with severe physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses since 1987. The Sunshine Foundation is trusted by families and healthcare providers alike to make the seemingly impossible hopes of youth a reality to those that deserve it most. They are most commonly known as the makers of "DreamLifts" where about 80 fortunate kids and volunteers from across Canada get to participate in a whirlwind one-day adventure to Disneyland, or other popular theme park.

Whether the dream is to meet a celebrity role model like Taylor Swift, or to simply have a piece of life altering equipment like an adaptive bicycle, The Sunshine Foundation makes the cherished wishes of children and their families a dream come true for all.

This story features Ty & Jazmine, 10 year old twins who both live with cerebral palsy. Their dream was a more generous one than most: they chose dreams that would allow them to spend time together as a family. To a family of six with both parents working full-time, the gift was precious to all. "When you have a disability, it affects the family as a whole," says Shannon, Ty & Jaz's mom.

Read more about their trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and the cruise that they took, and the activities that kept everyone busy.

To read more about The Sunshine Foundation, or to make a donation, visit their website.