Designing and creating a nursery can be one of the most exciting things when you are expecting. When you are busy picking out themes, colours and patterns for your little ones room, have you ever stopped to think about what flooring is best? We don’t want to add to the pressure and stress that can come with a new little one, but proper flooring can set you up for success when it comes to sleeping, cleaning and as they grow, tantrums.

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There are always things to look for when it comes to flooring for your new additions room. We have compiled a list of what we believe the most important things to look for when choosing your nursery room flooring.


Let’s be real - kids are messy. When looking for flooring be sure to find options that are going to be low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Saving your time and your energy will help you in the long run.


Your new baby's room will eventually grow and shift to become your toddlers room. Being sure to find quality products that will stand up against the test of time - and your baby - is important.


Babies and children tend to be light sleepers. When choosing your flooring, look for flooring with acoustical value and noise-softening qualities that will help to soften your footsteps in and out of the room.


Make sure your nursery flooring is allergen free, made from clean and natural materials without VOCs and is antimicrobial.

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With keeping those points in mind, let’s go over some options that work best for your nursery.


Laminate flooring is a wonderful choice when looking for flooring for your nursery and when staying on budget. Not only is it affordable and has the aesthetic appeal of hardwood, but it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require any waxing or polishing. Laminate flooring is also scratch proof and can stand against the many toy tests it will be put through over time. Dust mites won’t be lurking, and with the ease of cleaning there won’t be any worry of allergens sticking around in the flooring.


Cork is a wonderful option when you are looking for something that is antimicrobial, anti-allergenic and doesn’t emit VOCs. Cork provides safety in softness, durability and offers more warmth than wood flooring. Cork is also a wonderful option for those looking for something more sustainable.


Luxury vinyl offers all the same benefits of laminate flooring, but can look just like genuine hardwood flooring. Another great feature of luxury vinyl flooring is that it doesn't just come with water resistant options, it can also be completely waterproof! You also get the extra addition of warmth and comfort with the additional option of underlayment.


Not many people can imagine their nursery without the plush and cozy feeling of carpet. Although touch wise it may be the most obvious choice, keep in mind that carpet does require upkeep like vacuuming. One other thing that you will need to be sure to look for when choosing carpet, is to choose natural materials such as cotton or wool. If that is something that is out of your budget, opt for low-VOC alternatives.

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All in all, always choose what works within your budget and for your own personal aesthetic