October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and across Canada, many businesses are participating in fundraising efforts to help support awareness. Through research and the promotion of good health, the hope is that we can lower the amount of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

End Of The Roll is proud to contribute to the effort in any way that we can, and that's why we're highlighting this cause in our monthly edition of BeCause We Care.

According to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, it is estimated that 24,000 people (the majority are women, with about being 200 men) will be diagnosed with the disease in 2015. 

Here's the stats:
    •    1 in 9 women in Canada is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime (by the age of 90)
    •    1 in 4 (26%) cancers diagnosed in women in Canada are breast cancer
    •    1 in 30 women in Canada will die from breast cancer
    •    In Canada, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is 88%
    •    Breast cancer mortality rates have decreased by 43% since the peak in 1986

Breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer diagnosis in women in Canada over the age of 20 and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canadian women, after lung cancer.

However, fewer women in Canada are dying from breast cancer today than in the past. Breast cancer deaths have decreased by 43% since they peaked in 1986 due to earlier detection through regular mammography screening, advances in screening technology, and improved treatments.