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I'm the type of girl that likes to do my research. I started my search online for a carpet that could stand up to my growing 19 month old daughter and active Portuguese water dog. With another baby on the way, we needed something in the upstairs bedrooms that would be easy to clean up in case disaster were to strike.

According to Mohawk's website, SmartStrand is the only carpet where stain and soil resistance are actually built into the fibres, and they promise that it will never wear or wash off. Furthermore, they say it's easy to clean with water or mild detergent. That sounds too good to be true.

Lucky for me, I was able to go and test these claims out for myself before committing to a purchase. I heard an ad on the radio talking about End Of The Roll's License To Spill event that is showcasing SmartStrand carpet in store, with live spill demonstrations. So I dropped by.

I poured myself a nice cup of coffee with cream and sugar and headed over to the display. Then I poured my coffee on the sample carpet. Using a tiny bit of dish soap and water on a washcloth, it actually did clean up perfectly, and within 30 seconds. They also had Coca-Cola on the table, so I spilled it on another sample and this time used water only. And surprisingly it did wipe out as well. Super easy and quick. 

Back to the research. Mohawk has been doing a huge License To Spill campaign across the USA for the last few months now, where they have been showcasing how easy it is to remove all kinds of food and drink stains, including barbeque sauce, chocolate, italian food, and seafood stains. They've filmed everything and put it on YouTube. Just search License To Spill on the MohawkFloors channel. Plus, the carpet has been tested on pet stains. A few years ago, they featured a rhinoceros living in a cage on SmartStrand carpet flooring and they were able to clean that up too. Here's the Rhino intro video, update video, and the one where they clean up the gruesome mess.

Here is the list of features straight from Mohawk's website:

  • Superior durability and softness for peace of mind and comfort
  • Lifetime stain and soil resistance that's built in, not sprayed on
  • Protection that will never wear or wash off like other carpets
  • Easy to clean with water or mild detergent
  • Environmentally friendly, because it's made in part from renewable resources

So, I'm sold. What's more, End Of The Roll is giving me 10% off my purchase during this promotion which is great, plus, I'll be sure to participate on their Facebook page and increase my chance of winning another room for free!

All this, plus we can have it installed anytime now. They've got rolls in stock so I just have to figure out a good day for the installer to come = talk with my husband tonight. Yahoo! Can't wait for new awesome carpet!

~Thanks to this person who has chosen to remain anonymous. October 8, 2013