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Carpenter from End Of The Roll in Canada

We bring comfort to your life

Carpenter is the world's largest producer of comfort cushioning products. Although you may not recognize the brand name, they provide many of our underpad and underlayment products which go beneath laminate flooring, carpet, and vinyl.

Carpenter has been leading the way since 1948, and they distribute products around the globe. They strive for continuous improvement and constant innovations, and historically these have helped to set the standards used in the industry today. Their EnviroStep carpet cushion technology is among the better-known brands, as well as Odor-Eaters and Spillguard. In terms of environmental commitment, they aim to create environmentally conscious products for your home and your budget. For instance, all of their EnviroStep™ products "incorporate natural organic materials, reducing reliance on non-renewable petroleum-based products. All are made from 100% recycled urethane trim and are 100% recyclable. In addition, they are ozone friendly (no CFC’s), and exceed CRI Green label air quality standards."

Carpenter emphasizes the importance of cushioning underneath your carpet because it is the main determining factor in how your carpet will feel when you walk on it. If you want to have a luxurious feeling underfoot, a high-quality carpet cushion is a necessity. The cushion also absorbs the pounding of foot traffic and prevents premature matting and crushing of the carpet fibres. Investing in a quality cushion as a preventative measure will result in your carpet feeling better, looking better, and lasting longer. If you buy cushion with a moisture barrier, spills and pet accidents can be removed as opposed to being absorbed into the cushion (which can cause permanent damage to the subfloor). A quality carpet cushion can also help provide a sound barrier between rooms and provide thermal insulation.

For all these reasons and more, the cushion under your carpet is something worth researching. Ask an End Of The Roll Flooring Advisor about the options we have available in-store and don't forget to include this necessity into your flooring budget!