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Offcut Shades available at End Of The Roll in Canada


Off Cut Shades is a company that has become experts in sourcing the best fabrics in order to make custom window coverings that are best suited to you. As a result of using off-cut material and decorative designs to create beautiful shades, the savings are passed on to their customers.

Off Cut Shades works with Canadian manufacturers so you can be confident in the quality of the products they produce. Since they work with off-cuts, the products they have don’t always last long - once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Below are some of the most popular shades they offer:

Having versatility and functionality is key when it comes to window coverings - depending on the fabric, these shades can offer glare control, while maintaining visibility to outside. Full shades offer protection from UV rays and help to reduce the fading of your furniture and other home decors.


Triple shades are considered the most fashionable in the window covering world. Being made from various fabrics, with high quality translucent or opaque bands, they have the look of traditional shutters. With the ability to tilt the bands, you can control the amount of light that penetrates from the outside.

Whether you are looking for subtle light during the day or the ability to fully block it out, Zebra shades are the best option. By simply adjusting the sheer fabric up or down, it creates the perfect light exposure. Zebra shades are perfect if you are looking to replicate a form of Venetian elegance or classic decor.