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Smell Zapper available at End Of The Roll stores in Canada

Smell Zapper

Don't cover up the odor, eliminate the source!

Smell Zapper offers four distinct lines of solutions to odor and stain problems. Each one is specifically tailored to a different odor causing issue. From the toughest stains to lingering scents, Smell Zapper has you covered. B-Gone is great for getting those crafty accidents. Erase helps clear out common household accidents while removing any odors it may have left behind. Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator targets messes left behind by organic substances. And lastly the Smoke Odor Eliminator does exactly as it sounds and removes any lingering smoke scents.

Want to learn more about each product and how it helps? Click one of the links below to find which product will solve whatever problem you are faced with!