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Stainmaster available at End Of The Roll stores in Canada

Durable and easy to clean

Stainmaster is a brand-name that most people recognize. Born in 1986, they have become "the most trusted brand in carpet." Promising exceptional durability and products that are easy to clean, Stainmaster carpets offer the perfect choice for active families.

Most of their lines offer lifetime warranties on food and beverage stains, anti-static, soil stains, and pet urine stains. Their carpet fibres are high quality and incredibly soft, and can be fade resistant in intense sunlight as well. End Of The Roll offers Stainmaster products at a great everyday value, and our Flooring Advisors can help you choose a line that will stand up to your needs. allows users to browse samples, design a room, explore colour trends, learn about different styles and patterns, and read details about the stain-resistant advantage of Stainmaster products. They also boast the 2013 Women's Choice Award for the "carpet women recommend most."