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Why us?

Proven Success:
Over 50 End Of The Roll stores are currently operating.

End Of The Roll stores have a proven track record of profitability.

Capital leases on assets and extended terms on inventory purchases.

Aggressive volume rebate program in place.

Highly experienced management team.
Corporate Office performs key accounting functions on behalf of stores.

Buying Power:
One of the largest Canadian purchasers of floor coverings.

Aggressive marketing team that supports both national and local advertising needs.

A variety of training opportunities in the areas of retail sales, marketing, and software applications are available.

Exit Strategy:
If and when the time comes that you are ready to sell your business, you have the most recognizable name in flooring across Canada to offer. Furthermore, we will also help promote your store to find a buyer for it. As part of our company, you will have an attractive package to offer including everything noted above. Importantly for you, is the fact that you have something very tangible to attract buyers, and the ability to leave with at least the current value of what your store is worth, and hopefully much, much more!